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Chat with Enerjoy's CPO

Viki Glam, Enerjoy's Co-founder and CPO

What do you do in Enerjoy?

Enerjoy is a smart AI sales achievement platform that can help raise the performance of sales or customer service teams by impressive percentages (13-32%), improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover rates.

Based on our advanced Machine Learning engine and gamification approach, we deliver a unique way to challenge and personally motivate the reps, to meet companies’ sales targets and goals. By doing so, our solution helps create an engaged, high-performance sales culture.

Understanding the motivational styles and preferences that drive each one of your team members is vital in achieving consistently strong sales performance. Unlike other companies in the field, we offer a personalized motivational approach. Our powerful machine learning engine generates tasks, challenges, and assignments that fit each rep’s cognitive profile automatically, composed per employee by various variables.

Enerjoy is designed for Sales Teams, Contact Centers, Customer Service, and Lead Generation teams. The Company is headquartered in Israel and growing into Europe, South America, and the USA. Funded by Nielsen Innovate, Samurai Ventures, and Bseed.

Understanding the motivational styles and preferences that drive each one of your team members is vital in achieving consistently strong sales performance.

Can you share some recent development you've had?

Naturally, COVID-19 has effected our clientele and our revenue. We've had a remote work option prior to COVID-19, but after it's burst we have emphasized our already existing remote -work features. We've also added new features to improve the work from home experience and productivity for sales and customer service teams while using enerjoy.

Enerjoy can provide confidence to clients as they get used to remote work. Thanks to that, we have recruited new clients in South America and USA, as well as in Israel.

What do you think is in for the company in the near – and far – future?

We are about to participate in an investment crowdfunding closed campaign, that is managed by Bseed (our investors). The proceeds will be dedicated to entering the US market, and to recruit marketing, sales and support team in the USA. We have new big clients in Israel that have started a pilot with us, and in progress to start a pilot with a big US corporation. We are planning our ongoing global expansion, with channel partners in India, Eastern Europe, LATAM and USA.

Did the COVID-19 pandemic affect you in any way? If so – how? And how did you handle it?

The biggest affect was some clients from the tourism industry that have left, and are now returning. We have kept in close relationships with our clients since the pandemic started. We've improved our platform to cater to remote teams in the best way.

How were Samurai able to help you (other than providing funds) following the investment?

In the past year Samurai has helped us through their network with introductions and through publications about us on their social media and newsletter. Also, they were always open for consultation calls and we have kept the Samurai team updated most of the time bout our progress.


Samurai invested in Enerjoy as part of the activities of our 5th fund in Israel!

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