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Digital Motivation — Using Psychology to Retain Top Performing Employees

Written by Lee Sheinberg — Business Development Manager at Enerjoy

Organizational psychology has been proven to be a key factor in improved employee engagement. Increasing employee motivation and job satisfaction by constantly assessing emotional and psychological needs.

Digital Psychology combining a theory from the worlds of behavioral economics and psychology to create digital communications that are adaptable and compelling. Collaborating psychology and technology, an AI (artificial intelligence) driven tool that’s dynamic, adaptable and dependable to fit each individual employee according to their drives and abilities.

Comprehending unique personal emotional and psychological needs by an expert team of psychologists and behavioral economists who specialize in employees’ motivation (IDC and the University of San-Diego). Digital motivation provides employees with a transparent way to clearly achieve identified goals.

We at Enerjoy believe that the following key factors will result directly in performance enhancement and higher employee tenure rates.

Personalizing Motivation

Identifying employees’ critical motivators is important. Our smart system expertly cuts the right fit for each employee. Our AI tool can identify specific employee needs by their organic behavior and data performance activity. A unique reward system is adapted to fit each employee.

Real Time Feed & Collaboration

Our HR tech product instantly improves motivation by the use of consistent, real-time feedback and digital interactions focusing on employees’ individual psychological attributes. It increases engagement by creating a flow of information. The software also uses notifications to engage less active users.

Digital Management

Employees who consistently interact with their leaders are more engaged in their work and increased digitalization of the workplace can make the process easier. Our dynamic managers’ module is adapted to fit any management approach. Constant updates on the sales team performance, advanced employee experience analytics, multiple KPI’s and personal dashboard. Our tool grants managers the ability to understand who is engaged and participating.

True Gamification

Incorporating game elements in the workplace will enhance productivity. Gamification involves inserting “game-like” elements into work processes to improve employee motivation. This element tracks user performance data to motivate employee behavior and reward top earners. Gamification is also a great touchstone for managers to track engagement among employees.


Enerjoy (Samurai Incubate Israel portfolio company) is an AI-based web app that increases employee’s motivation by providing unique challenges, adapted to each employee’s drives and abilities by engaging the employees with our unique challenges.

Using Digital Psychology to motivate your sales team will enhance total performance, increase sales and decrease turnover rates.

Visit Enerjoy’s website and learn more about the app →

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