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From Idea to Reality

4 ways to take your dream to the next step

While Samurai invests in well-established ventures that have already proven their concept and feasibility, we often get to meet young entrepreneurs and idea-stage companies that turn to us for advice. This time, we’ve gathered some tips in order to help you take your dream and turn it into an amazing startup!

Become a leader

It’s important for a new, young venture to have a strong leader. It’s not just about giving orders or arranging meetings – it’s about taking your team and venture to new heights. But you’re not born a leader; at least, most of us don’t, but with some hard work and persistence you too can become a good leader to your company.

Once you realise what type of leadership is good for you, it’s important to listen to others, encourage communication in your team, as well as courage, creativity and thinking outside of the box. Don’t forget to lead by example and support by showing how.

You can read more about how to become a leader, here.

Find the best way to tell your story

Storytelling is one of the most effective tools for visionary entrepreneurs to sell their idea to customers, investors, but even to new employees in a young company. We took the time to write about some highly effective tips to help you become a great storyteller - and gain more attention to support for your venture.

Your story will be your tool to approach any type of new stakeholder in your journey, and a well-written one can be a game-changer when you try to get other people to understand your ideas, decide if they are interested, and if they want to join the ride.

In order for your story to work, it has to be personal and based on reality. It’s also important to have a clear topic, follow a structure and be as simple as possible, but most of all – it has to end in a call to action, otherwise nothing will follow.

Here are some further explanations on how to create your story.

Be loud and clear

Expressing your new ideas is not always an easy task – sometimes you might feel like you’re stuck with no words, and no one understands you.

The ideas in our mind require translation in order for others to get them: not everyone perceives everything the same way (either random thoughts, conversations, new ideas or even feelings). This is thanks to everyone living different lives and going through different experiences – we all come from different backgrounds and life routes, and things that are obvious to you will not be that obvious to your collogues or friends. There may be misunderstandings, and this is why we think it’s so important to learn how to translate what seems reasonable in your head – to things others would see as reasonable too.

We’ve collected 8 steps to clarifying your ideas – read them here.

Consider the challenges

Bringing your own idea to life won’t be an easy ride, and considering the challenges to come is crucial. Depending on your idea, challenges might come along sooner rather than later, but preparing for them will set you off to a great start.

You will need to perfect your solution, plan forward, create a pipeline, think of scaling, consider your competition and achieve strong financial management.

How to do that? Read all about it here.


Once you've established your venture and have proven your concept - that's where we come in! Samurai invests in early-stage Software Enterprise startup companies; we're always looking for our next investment and we're waiting to help you get to the next level!

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