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Little Tips with a Big Impact for your Booth

You know the drill: dress to impress, build a captivating presentation known well by your entire team, and smile at everyone who walks by. These aren’t industry secrets — they’re being employed by everyone! However, there are ways to help strategically position your booth (and brand) when compared to the rest, and they may be exactly what you need to attract your target audience. Here are a few tips:

Tip #1:

Don’t be afraid to make your booth stand out physically. People will naturally turn their gaze towards you, and that’s always the first step. Don’t forget to use ONLY your company’s colors! You want to differentiate your brand as much as possible.

Tip #2:

Experiment with making your booth stand out non-visually as well. For example, play music, perhaps in the background of your presentation. Of course don’t blast this music, but still try to engage your audience in dynamic ways!

Tip #3:

Most booths will have business cards laid out on their tables, making them just as memorable as every other booth. Having these marketing tools is perfectly acceptable, but they should not stand alone! For example, we once went to an event where a start-up passed out balloons with their logo on it. The result? Their logo was either walking around the entire event, or floated upwards and covered the ceiling! Promote your image in ways your neighbors will not.

Tip #4:

Everybody loves giveaways. So give stuff away! Ideally, though, you want to provide something that leaves people wanting more and coming back — the easiest option being candy. Even if people come to your booth just to eat, there will still be people there to give your company the perception of constant attraction. The cost of the candy is a small price to pay to improve your persona in the eyes of the community.

Bonus Tip:

Reserve a select amount of a more expensive, branded item for those who seriously stay at your booth for a certain amount of time (say, 10 minutes) to raise brand awareness and increase traction. Staying for this amount of time shows that they are definitely interested in your company, and it can’t hurt to have them leave feeling special in your eyes, too.

Tip #5:

One last way to improve your booth’s success and UX in the future is to pull from booths that have already achieved that success. Put simply: take pictures or notes (physical or mental) of booths that have great ideas, and try to incorporate those novelties into your future booths!

A/B Testing:

There is no surefire combination of which tips or strategies will yield the best results. As with every new product or service, though, testing one variation against another to check its statistical advantages or disadvantages is one of the simplest and best ways to decide which is more effective. Similarly, utilize A/B testing to run an informal statistical test to determine which mix of these tips will lead to the greatest engagement and success for your company.

Final Thoughts

Many popular events can host tens or even hundreds of start-up booths at once. Standing out is no easy feat, but with the right strategy, planning, and foresight, you can construct a booth that people will see from a distance and feel compelled to make their way over to.


As a early-stage Venture Capital firm, Samurai Incubate Israel is dedicated to taking ventures from the very basic stages to greater heights and later connecting them to the Japanese market via our hands-on approach with every start-up we meet. With our large community in Israel and our strong connection to the ecosystem and corporate world in both countries, our team is constantly looking to create and strengthen the bridge between Japan and Israel by combining Japan’s industry with Israel’s cutting-edge technology and innovative spirit.


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