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Rise of "Optimis-Tech"

In order to help the ecosystem in Japan learn more about Israel and further collaborate with it in the future, we took it upon ourselves to host a bi-monthly “Israel Seminar” in our HQ in Japan. Once every 2 months we invite the ecosystem community in Tokyo to learn more about a selected field of interest! During the event we share some research findings as well as discuss the field and its development together with key players of the ecosystem.

We’ve decided to share some of our findings and further information about the event and speakers in our blog as we believe both ecosystems (Israel and Japan) will find it useful!

This time, in light of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we've hosted a webinar that included a panel discussion about the world's actions in the global COVID-19 fight.

The Speakers

Left to right: Masashi Nishitani, Kentaro Sakakibara, Shirley Binder, Haofeng Fu

Masashi Nishitani | Representative Director and CEO @ at Ace Child Co., Ltd.

Engaged in major system integrators, such as system development troubleshooters, technical strategy creation, and new business development. Ace Child Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 with the mission of creating a bright future for children through data analysis, with "Data analysis for children" as a catch phrase.

Kentaro Sakakibara | Founder and CEO @ Samurai Incubate Inc.

After working at Active Dot Com (now VOYAGE GROUP) and others, established Samurai Incubate Inc. in 2008. Started a VC business in which a fund was created and investment and incubation were conducted by entrepreneurs in the founding period. Moved to Israel to open the first Samurai branch outside of Japan (Samurai Incubate Israel) and established a subsidiary in Rwanda, Africa.

Shirley Binder | Head of IL branch @ Samurai Incubate Inc.

Joined Samurai Incubate Inc. during 2016 and operates as the Senior Manager and head of operations at Samurai's Israeli branch. She specializes in hi-tech, venture capital, corporate and commercial laws. Shirley is accompanying the startups during their growth, from the idea stage, through the incorporation and the company's operations and until the desired exit.Shirley also worked as an intern at Naschitz, Brandes, Amir Law firm, which is one of the leading law firms in Israel. Shirley has a bachelor degree in law (LL.B) and she is a certified lawyer and a member of the Israeli Bar Association. 

Haofeng Fu | Founder & CEO @ Isratech

Joined a major management consulting company in 2013, where he engaged in consulting business for management strategies, marketing strategies, and operation improvement strategies for companies in various industries such as "EC", "logistics", "restaurant". Joined a media venture company in 2016. As General Manager of the Corporate Planning Office, in charge of business planning, listing preparation, M & A, and other business planning and management operations, as well as building a cross-border EC platform as a new business. After working at a major foreign-affiliated consulting company, joined Samurai Incubate in 2018. While providing consulting services such as innovation and start-up cooperation support to major Japanese companies, we are developing overseas markets including China and collaborating with partners in related fields to promote projects.


A term coined by local Israeli media, in light of the ongoing pandemic and the rise of startups to the cause. "Optimis-Tech" is describing the solutions and technologies now used and and utilized in the COVID-19 fight.  

Technology surrounds us, and plenty of it is used by governmental authorities and services in order to provide some assistance: drones are being deployed to make sure we stay home, our phones are being located and we're all using apps that will alert if we've ever come across an infected person. But what about the technologies we don't hear about in the news every day?


Dayzz have developed a mobile app for corporates that provides sleep solutions; through a personalized sleep training plan that is based on data analysis and by using smart monitoring devices and a sleep assessment questionnaire, the app can match users with a training plan tailored to their sleep issues and lifestyle.

In recent development of the COVID-19 outbreak in Israel, Dayzz have announced they will offer their training program at no cost to organizations and individuals, in order to help them keep and protect their sleep and mental wellbeing during these times.

Vocalis Health

Vocalis Health develops AI and machine learning-based voice analysis applications for the health sector. Their technology can help healthcare providers assess a person’s health based on their voice, as well as help in the diagnosis of different conditions that influence vocal cords.

Now, they are trying to figure out what coronavirus sounds like. In a joint effort with Israel’s ministry of defense, they are testing the technology on confirmed coronavirus patients to see if it can detect a vocal coronavirus fingerprint. This will immensely help with diagnosis.


MyHetistage is an ancestry platform and DNA kit that enables users to discover their family history. The DNA health/ancestry test provides a comprehensive health report for conditions affected by genetics, such as heart disease, breast cancer etc’.

To assist in the battle against the pandemic in Israel, MyHeritage has donated 66,000 swabs to Israel.

Tyto Care

Tyts Care offers a remote examination tool and telehealth platform that enables a complete examination of the heart, lungs, skin, throat, and ears, including temperature readings, anywhere and anytime – including the comfort of the users’ home or quarantine room.

The device is now helping the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer monitor the Israelis quarantined there; beginning wih the returning cruisers at the Diamond Princess ship, the device helps minimizing the staff’s exposure to the potential infection and helps monitor those in isolation.

The world is changing

It's no doubt: the world will not be the same following the COVID-19 outbreak. here are some changes we believe we're going to see (or already are seeing) in the world.


We used to hear the word "Digitization" when discussing future plans, and were pretty used to hear corporates describing it as an ultimate goal of long and meticulous planning.

Then came COVID-19. Now, entire sectors will go through accelerated digitization process - simply because they don't have a choice. Digital tools are embedded in management processes in enterprise companies, Data is collected, knowledge is retained and all relationships with employees, clients and more is being held online. These types of changes are definitely here to stay.

Digital Health Revolution

Digital Health was already booming to begin with - it comes as no surprise that a virus forcing the entire world population to stay home will push digital health services even further.

The digital transformation of healthcare, telemedicine and other online services will now grow bigger and better - more than ever before. Despite providing some major challenges to IT teams and experts, the healthcare industry will embrace the digital methods to improve patient care and operation.

A chance for optimism

While the world is crazy right now, there are some rays of light coming through the cloudy reality we're in. The opportunities to grow and evolve are a plenty, and we're already seeing Israeli startups, labs, entrepreneurs, scientists and other service providers - that are flexible in their nature with or without crisis - are rising to the occasion and showing the world with the Israeli ecosystem is all about.

This is one of the many reasons Samurai Incubate Inc. is looking to invest in Israeli ventures. We're maintaining our business as usual even during these days, and are happy to explore relevant investment opportunities.

Apply for your next investment today!


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