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Samurai Incubate Israel is announcing its 6th fund

The Samurai team

Samurai Incubate Inc., the Japanese venture capital, is proud to announce its 6th fund for early-stage startups. Samurai is a Japanese based VC, founded in 2008, operating in Japan, Israel and Africa. Since 2014, we have been identifying local opportunities and helping our portfolio companies grow, while linking them as well as other startups to Japanese enterprises. Our goal is to find early-stage startups and invest in seed or pre-seed rounds.

Our vision is to facilitate as a direct channel between the local startup ecosystem and Japanese industry, while constantly supporting our portfolio companies and helping them develop at the Japanese market. During our four years operating in Israel, we have invested in 30 early-stage startups, of which some were able to secure more investments and some are cooperating with Japanese enterprises.

Consequent to our success and experience in Israel, a few changes has been made in the investment strategy and amounts. First, we have decided to focus in areas that are most relevant to our investors, which is B2B focused startups in these areas: Logistics, FinTech, Healthcare, Retail, Construction, Blockchain, FoodTech and IoT. Second, this year the fund has grown substantially and will offer initial investment in seed or pre seed round of 100,000$ to 300,000$, with the option to join other investors and make follow up investment in its current portfolio companies. We wish to collaborate and assist startups at early stages.

Located both in Israel and Japan, we have a special connection to the land of the rising sun, and a vast knowledge and experience in that market. In the last four years, aside from our funding activity, we have used our knowledge and abilities to develop innovation activities that will bridge the cultural and business gaps between Japanese enterprises and Israeli technology companies. Our goal is to deepen the relationship between the two countries and help exhaust the full business and technological potential that lies in this relationship. Through our innovation activity, Samurai is assisting in creating successful collaborations between the two entities that result in business opportunities for both sides.


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